With these 12 lessons, 12 teachings, we take a look at the life of a family that went from poverty to wealth. These 12 lessons that Jose Gordo gives us are the 12 gifts that Jefferson gives his son Porthos and that will impact his life. And yours! The 12 teachings not only show you how it is possible to change your situation, but also give you the keys to success in business and family life.

Dad’s 12 gifts is a story that is already touching the lives of many people and that becomes a perfect guide for all those parents who want to encourage their children to grow to become successful and happy people.

In addition, it is loaded with gifts for your motivation and your growth: exercises, illustrations, posters, bookmarks…


Jose Gordo makes good use of his military experience to unite discipline and business in a story that will fascinate you while educating your mind for success. Sam is a 19-year-old who is eager to start his own business and seeks mentorship from an experienced multi-millionaire. The latter will invite him to a dinner full of luxuries during which he will discover the true keys to success.

In the setting of exquisite dishes of haute cuisine and the most exclusive delicatessen, different stories are developed that show that success is never easy, but the price to pay is always worth it.

Let yourself be embraced by this story full of emotions, lessons and inspiration, and learn with Sam to turn to your life around.

Jose Gordo Cenando con Millonarios